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Mortal Kombat Arch-Rivals Collab Is Out!

2007-11-07 02:03:59 by Too-Demonsional

After many days of blood, sweat, and tears we have in the portal Mortal Kombat: Arch Rivals. I hope you (the viewer) enjoy me and my fellow animators work. If there is good reviews there may be a sequel by the name of: Mortal Kombat: "Arch-Nemesis"

Drop me a word or two on my page or on the submissions page. I enjoy reading comments and then responding sarcasticly to them, but seriously tell me what you think.

Also I will be working on a flash that is original. I am thinking of calling him Flamehead. You can see the beta head in my Header. It will be random humor... like a vaccume trying to have sex with a cake type random humor. I hate how humor is spelt in America. I'm so used to it being humOUR not humOR.

EDIT: OMFG! For the day we submitted MK: Arch-Rivals we took #9 in the daily top 10.
There will definately be a sequel. I'll start a new thread soon. Long live Mortal Kombat!