TF: DC Update

2007-11-22 17:04:24 by Too-Demonsional

Ok so lately I've been neglecting DC for other projects and that ends here, at least with the exception of MK: Arch-Nemesis. I am starting TF: DC from scratch. For the last three days I have been drawing out new versions of the characters to look much much MUCH less like the ones in the trailer... they had like... box arms and legs... augh... I am re-drawing them to look more like the movie characters. I don't really know what the future holds for this project but I am so far only done half of Starscream. So heres a little spoiler of a taste to come below.

I don't know how well the picture will come up. I truely hate photoshop.

Need to redo from scratch again. All the detail I put in makes the movie lag even in parts that aren't fast-paced. Same style but less detail will be used... so expect a fusion of this Starscream and my classic drawn version together.

Also just for kicks if you watch the tank collab I was in you can see a little easter egg of my transformers series in it. Unfortunately I did the collab part when I first started with flash so it isn't top notch but I recommend you watch and vote 5. Vote 5 and I may give you a muffin.

TF: DC Update


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2007-11-23 08:12:41

Sweet. I can't wait till it's finished and everyone's hard work to make it shows.

Too-Demonsional responds:

Lol. This is going to be in the works for awile. A long while. I'm probably going to need to get new lines and change the plot of it. We'll think some stuff up.